Demo 2016

by xELEGYx

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Demo cassette available via Rage Records (UK) / Arduous Path Recordings (US) / Seventh Day Records (AUS)

If free downloads are out, please use this link: www(DOT)mediafire(DOT)com/folder/795nynf8j5evs/xELEGYx_-_Demo_2016_VSXE


released December 8, 2016

Vegan Straight Edge



all rights reserved

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Track Name: Crimson Dawn
Skin dripping with the crimson of the innocent
The last flutter of air escapes as the light dims in the eyes of our brethren
Viewed as nothing more than a replaceable possession
Born into a world of suffering solely to please self appointed gods

Lessons of sharing taught to children
Over the corpses of our Mothers offspring

Greed shadowing the malicious acts of our parasitic species
Whispered lies to remain ignorant to the massacre in our wake

Obedience in exchange for acceptance
An unmerited hierarchy a self righteous claim to a dying world
Only to be cherished for the body that they can give
Sacrifice purely for the appetite of man

Given no claim on the life they have been granted we are the ones that make them suffer
Tongues salivate for the taste of murder
No longer will I sit in silence in the wake of the animal holocaust
Track Name: Solitary Resolution
Lack of conviction you know what must be done
Yet you stand in defiance for the sake of your comfort

You've looked into the eyes of the oppressed and you've closed them
Domesticated by lies you adopt the traits of those who've come before
You would sacrifice accountability just so you can pretend everything you do is right

Just so you can sleep better at night I won't let you
Ignore the truth so you can remain bliss keep your eyes shut while mine align

Polluting my air with an abundance of your ignorance
No effect on me you grieve for your impotence
But not for your contribution to our extinction

Forced ignorance of the suffering that you inflict
Faced with reproach you continue only to destroy
Selfish claim to a throne built on misconceptions
Topple bodies high you engulf the world in ruin

This brand I bear
A vow of absolution
Branded by my convictions
Vegan Straight Edge
Track Name: Elegy
Defaced for the sake of your children spoiled by your forgiveness
This requiem will be heard

Gracious bounty
Undeserving of you
For my repentance
I will emancipate you

Slave no longer bound by human avarice

"But with our selfish improvidence humanity dirties our world, destroying this source of all life. If we humans suffer for our actions then maybe we'll get what we deserve."

Unnecessary luxuries have rendered my Mother defenseless
Unable to cleanse the leeches from Her back
I will take up the mantle

"We are creating a world in which innocent animals suffer as a result of our actions, and that is something that I can't forgive. The foolish acts of our fellow humans, the seas we have blighted, nature itself, I will return everything to its unspoiled beginnings."
Track Name: Serpent's Tongue
Words of hope spoken by a liars tongue
Bequeathed unto me I wanted myself to believe

But I'm not so stupid as to let this continue without some form of consequence
I want you to wish you were dead

No amount of suffering will make up for the pain in which you've inflicted
Concealed within a lie your true nature baring its teeth threatening to pull me down

Forever engraved in my mind the memory of when you first looked away
May you find no solace in sleep I want every pleasure ripped from you

If my prayers won't be answered
If these words hold no meaning
Then I will do this myself